The Steps in the Healing Process

Maryland,  United States
  • I had an abortion because I was under 18, on my own, with no type of family support, already had two kids (my first child at the age of 14) and afraid of not being able to survive.
•  During the abortion procedure, I experienced no support, a lot pain, fear, the doctor never spoke to me and the nursing staff was mean and un-sympathetic.
• Immediately after the abortion, I felt very sad, angry, alone but happy that I didn’t have to worry about another mouth to feed since I already had two kids, but never forgetting my unborn child.
• As time went on after the abortion I felt and experienced bouts of depression which caused me to eat which was my escape from having to face that time in my life. The eating never stopped and I became obese.
• I found help and forgiveness through giving my life to Christ in 2001.  Learning how to face my sins and developing a relationship with God thru Jesus Christ my savior I have been changed and am finally free from the demons that had been plaguing me for years!!!
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