An Amazing Story

Illinois,  United States
I had an abortion because prior to that, at eighteen I had gotten pregnant and had given the baby up for adoption.
I was raised in an orphanage for five years.   My mother remarried and brought us home.  She was an alcoholic and my stepfather was abusive.   Because of this I ran away from home and got an apartment with my girlfriend.  I was seeing a boy and ended up getting pregnant the first time I had sex.   I had to return home and put the baby up for adoption.  The adoption was carried out in a manner that lacked integrity – it was all secret and clandestine.   I actually had to carry my baby out of the hospital and put her in the back seat of a car – the adoption was fixed and the baby was given to wealthy people.

So when I got pregnant again, I could not tell anyone, not even my mother.  I was so ashamed.   I asked a police officer for help.  He said he knew a doctor and sent me to a sleazy motel – the doctor turned out to be a quack.   I then had a coat hanger abortion.   

Immediately after the abortion, I hemorrhaged.   An ambulance came and I was sent to Cook County Hospital.   It was the most terrible, loneliest and saddest day of my life.   I blocked that day out.
At the age of thirty eight I entered recovery.  I have been in recovery for all the damage that I have incurred.   Yes, I have found help and forgiveness through my recovery process and I am grateful for the number of people that have helped me.

I have an amazing story – one that I was blessed to receive.  Now I would like to share it in hopes that I can save one life and pass on the joy, confidence, and love I have received to a young girl who may be suffering as I was and sometimes still am.
But today I know God loves me … and also people like yourselves love me and only want to help.  So, I can only hope I have something to offer.  
Thank you for listening,

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