I Helped Someone Choose Life

,  United States

I was numb.

I came to have the abortion because the father did not love me or want to be a father. I felt pressured. No one would understand if I had a baby, but was single. My mother was for an abortion.

I was not given adequate information and counseling prior to the abortion. I was told at eight weeks it was a blob of tissue. Not true. When I did receive counseling, they talked about abortion with showing me the instrument used.

I would describe my abortion as wrong. I was numb. I would not want someone else to have to go through with it.

My mom and I have kept the subject closed. She believes it was the right thing. I resent the fact that when I told her, the first thing she asked was, "When are you going to have it done?" My father and I grew closer throughout this. The father of the baby was there with me, but a few months later, I found out he already had a son. He told me he has never gotten anyone pregnant before. We are no longer in any contact with each other. 

I have been able to help a friend out when she was considering abortion. She decided against it after talking with me, but she had a tubular pregnancy. I remember when another one of my girlfriends was trying to talk me out of having one. I didn't want to, but I went ahead with it.

I have taken a class at the Crisis Pregnancy Center called PACE Post Abortion Counseling and Education. It has helped a lot. Just having someone to talk with that I can relate to is nice. As for "Did it help?" Yes, it did. But nothing will change the fact that it did happen.

Having an abortion changed my life by seeing people in a different view and brought me closer to God who has made me see things I would have never thought I would.

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