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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Rebuilt in Love
Virginia, United States

I remember exiting this city when I was 22.  My mom was nervous driving through traffic. I was laying on my side in the back. I couldn’t help her with the map. I couldn’t even sit up. We were headed back home to Richmond after spending all day at the abortion clinic. I’d conceived a baby at college in Williamsburg. Our family doctor in Richmond said to be discreet we should come to a clinic here in Washington. The waiting room was full of people. I was the last girl they called to the back. Now I was crying and looking at my poor mom and the back of her car seat.

I was not abortion minded. I knew it was a baby. I grieved immediately.  Over time things got worse.  I gathered bravery and called my mom for help.

I found hope and healing through a bible study and a Rachael’s Vineyard Retreat. Being that Abortion’s highest work is to separate, it took the power of God’s love to end the domino effect of separation that began for me here in Washington that day. It’s by God’s grace I stand here now sane and healthy. Abortion did not help me. Death is not my friend. I told God I was sorry and in the name of Jesus, I broke all bonds and allegiances to a spirit of death. I live every day actively rejecting death’s agenda which is all around us. The Lord rebuilt me in love. I’ve learned to grieve my baby and my foolish decisions in healthy ways.

I love America. I identify with her. She and I have done some great things. She and I have done some horrible things. She and I have hurt people and lost precious children. I’m sad to say that my story of sin, fruitless plans, and blood shed traveled through, in order, three significant historic seats of government. Williamsburg, to Richmond to Washington. Thank you Silent No More for offering me a gift, the opportunity to be a truth teller in this place.

In closing, I beseech a Holy God.

Dear Lord God, Forgive us for our sins.  You have extended grace and mercy to me. I pray with a humble and repentant heart that you extend the same to America. Please protect our cities in your great mercy. In the name of Jesus Amen.

Abortion hurts everybody. By God’s generous kindness I live to declare this day… I’m silent no more.


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