I don't like to think or talk about it

North Carolina,  United States

I am Catholic and about 30 years ago I didn't comprehend the meaning of Abortion and I don't think the average person does. We all know what the word means and what is happening, but that doesn't mean you truly understand what is happening. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing an abortion. I literally saw a child ripped apart and sucked through a tube. I can tell you the sex of the child it was that horrific. I don't like to think or talk about it. It wasn't suppose to be an abortion, but technology wasn't available then and the woman was carrying twins and one was previously aborted. The doctor performing the procedure stopped the procedure and turned around to me to apologize and said it was OK to leave. I was an Operating room tech so I scrubbed in with the doctors. You can pass on my experience and maybe more people will beging to comprehend why abortions must stop.


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