I Can See Clearly Now

California,  United States

Between 1990 and 2000, I had five abortions. I never once thought how my “choice" would affect me, my already born son, or the fathers of my unborn children. My "choices" were all about "I," "self," and "me."

It's been eight years since my last abortion and I am just now beginning my grieving and healing process; a process which didn't really begin until I heard from a friend how many babies were aborted every day. I knew I had had abortions. I knew I was against it and I knew I would never have another one. I knew I was forgiven by the Lord, but I didn't realize I needed to grieve and heal the way I have.

I can see clearly now how my drug and relationship addictions escalated after my abortions. With God's grace and mercy I have been clean almost seven years and have two beautiful children.

I have completed an 11-week Bible study for post-abortive mothers and go to Planned Parenthood on Thursdays to pray and hand out valuable literature. I can see ever so clearly now the lies of Planned Parenthood and I want to help expose those lies. I can see also that abortion did not make my babies go away and I do miss them so much.

I met with several women who share the pain of our abortion stories; only one said that she did not regret her abortion.

Anyway, this is not the life story I wanted, but it is the one I have and I pray that the Lord uses my story for His good. I am silent no more.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share.

Amazingly Graced,

Kerri, CA

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