How devastating the end result is

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How devastating

I became pregnant at the age of 44 after completing a difficult pregnancy at age of 43. My husband was opposed to another child and I found out from my doctors that I was in high risk to deliver another premature baby. I wasn't strong enough to go through this alone.

I went to counseling before the abortion and was told all my emotions telling me not to do it were normal and that I would feel fine soon afterwards (follow the practical reasons to terminate).

The abortion was the biggest mistake of my life.

The abortion has nearly destroyed my life. It has been very emotionally painful. It definitely affects how I react to my husband. It affects how I react to others in general.

I joined PACE and it has helped a lot. I feel more at peace now than for month's prior.

I will carry this guilt and pain to some degree forever. I know what I did was wrong. There is no way to know prior to your actions how devastating the end result is. Every woman should be made aware of this possibility.



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