Can I Sue?

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Can I Sue?

Due to my abortion, I suffered extreme PAS. I almost killed myself and had to withdraw my Spring semester of college. When I went to the doctor for a check-up I was hysterical. He was like you have to get help, there is no way we are doing a check-up.

He referred me to my local pregnancy center, where I received intensive counseling to overcome the trauma. I am so mad at the clinic because they did not discuss any other option than abortion, even though I repeatedly said I didn't know what I wanted to do. They only reconfirmed my fears about being scared of lack of money and I didn't know if I would finish school.

My boyfriend was with me. Neither of us wanted abortion yet we felt there was no other option. We would be left poor, never finishing school and giving the child a bad life. In the end they won. She told me it was only a clump of tissues and there was no baby. I was between 9-10 and later found out that the baby was fully developed. No one questioned me having the abortion no even the doctor. When he saw the horror in my eyes as I was strapped down because I was put to sleep. All he said was, "Dont worry I'll take good care of you sweetie".

Can I sue? I have been through so much hell and I know so many women are being subject to this misinformation. I had to withdraw from college because I went form having a 4.0 to F's. I couldnt concentrate and I was consumed with the abortion. How could I let him kill my child. I feel so violated. I was not informed and had I been told a way I could pay for the baby I would have her today. My boyfriend was very supportive and the abortion counselor noted that in her notes. She could have recommended a social worker or referred me to the Medicaid which I found out later would have paid for my child. I cannot sit back and let these people destroy other lives.


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