I felt I had no other choice

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  I felt I had no other choice.

I felt I had no other choice. There was never any question to me whether or not to abort. Only me and the father were involved.

I was not aware of what I was really doing. I was very ignorant about development of a child and the procedures of abortion. It was a time I completely went numb!

I was very independent and hard toward others after the abortion. I had no emotions, I denied everything for about a year. I was very selfish and insensitive to others. I became very angry, lonely (a feeling of loss).

I had personal counseling - because abortion for me was the result of insecurities starting at childhood. (It wasn't just a last minute decision.) I have now also completed a 12-week post abortion support group.

It made me very aware of abortion itself. I became much more sensitive to people. Not afraid to have emotions - it has really given me a burden for teenagers and the pressure they deal with. Also it made me aware of how many hurting women are in this world and how many just want to be loved!! And abortion is not the simple solution to a problem!






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