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Lorraine LaNeve
New Jersey, United States

Lorraine LaNeve poses with Fr. Frank Pavone on his visit to her New Jersey home.

I began my involvement in the abortion industry in 1976 after responding to an employment advertisement in the local newspaper. It called for a licensed nurse who was looking for part time work and at that time I was tired of leaving my family on weekends and holidays.

Being a graduate of a Catholic Hospital School of Nursing, I was well versed in the ethics of the sanctity of life. By responding to the advertisement for this national chain of abortion "clinics", I quickly went into a mode of justification.

I started my job functioning in all the duties of a nurse. First by preparing the "clients" in the waiting room by medicating them with valium and then influencing my captive audience to write letters to the elected officials pleading that abortion should remain a women's (girl's) right.

On into the procedure room where I assisted the "physician" with the gory practice of killing the unborn child while demeaning the "client." Upon completion of the procedure, I placed a sanitary napkin on the "client" and walked her to the recovery room where she sat in a chair, was given medication and was timed to leave in approximately 40 minutes or sooner depending on the case load and the demand for the chair. As a surgical nurse I had the responsibility to prepare the room for the next "client," then take the fetal parts to the lab to check and count them. This was called a GROSS and afterwards, I prepared them for disposal.

I started working two days a week but became so engrossed with the feminist lie that abortion on demand was an entitlement, having that indoctrinated into my weakened psyche as "my body, my choice". I was sent to various seminars and conferences sponsored by NARAL(National Abortion Rights Action League) and NAF (National Abortion Federation).

Soon afterwards, I graduated and added to my resume that of vigorously engaging in public relations to help build up the blossoming abortion industry. From there I went on to lobbying elected officials in Washington and many states. I was sent to several states to set up new "clinics" and train personnel in the art of legally killing. Eventually, I wound up with a full time position in the management office in New York.

Having been employed in this malevolent industry for five an a half years and sharing the responsibility to help build and legitimize the abortion industry gives me the responsibility of bearing guilt for the deaths of many future citizens. We all are the losers because we will never know how greatly these murdered children would have contributed to the well being of society.

The experiences I had in this foul industry permit me to reveal with passion the intent of this odious industry and their total disdain for women. Selfishness is their motto; greed is their goal. Deep-seated hatred of God and themselves drives them even to the point of referring to the little ones as parasites.

Knowledge of the truth relating to this malodious industry and the individuals involved causes me to speak publicly wherever possible, even entering into the political arena to oppose those who stand for and vote for death. These politicians are bought and paid for by the death industry and bear the responsibility for the violence which has erupted in America. To our shame this is a large percentage of the American legislators.

Those who promote abortion on demand are on a deliberate path of destruction. Not satisfied with shedding the blood of the innocent, they have now accelerated their quest for death by practicing infanticide in the form of the barbaric partial birth abortion procedure. In their insatiable quest for money they have created another lucrative industry - that of harvesting and selling fetal parts. Not being content with this bloody carnage, the same purveyors of the death mentality are promoting legalized euthanasia or as they so euphemistically call it "death with dignity," geared to eliminate the handicapped, elderly or whoever else does not meet there criteria of "quality life"… Those that Hitler called the useless eaters. What's worse, this sickness created by hate is being exported around the world, forcing third world countries to comply if they seek aid from America.

This message of death only magnifies the need to reveal the truth. It is of the utmost importance as this cancer of death marches on.

February 7, 1997

Revised December 19, 1997


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