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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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I am glad that those that have had abortions can speak out against killing their unborn babies in a society that promotes elective abortion (around half a billion in the US since 1973) as a means of population control while capitalizing on the sexualization of our culture.




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Lynne's 2020 March for Life Testimony
North Carolina, United States

In 1976, after years of promiscuity, I found myself pregnant. I was one month from graduating from college and had just signed my first teaching contract.  Being an independent feminist, there was absolutely no question that I would have an abortion. 

Two weeks later, I walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic with money from my mother, who paid for my abortion. I walked indignantly past several pro-life advocates and into the clinic, where I never received counseling. And the “clump of cells” that I was told was in my body was swept out. I was no longer pregnant, and I became an angry, militant advocate for abortion.  But over a year later, the guilt and horror over what I had done, and resulting the depression, drug abuse, and self-loathing, started consuming my life.  I became driven by those emotions, and they motivated many of my life choices. 

When I became pregnant a second time six years later, God gently showed me what I had done years before when I had aborted my little one, and a three decades-long healing process began. I stand before you forgiven and set free by a loving and forgiving God from the worst decision I’ve ever made. Through study groups, praying friends, and pure Grace I have received God’s healing and forgiveness.  My passionate focus has been speaking about my abortion experience and helping other women find the healing in Jesus Christ. 

But today I want to share most about my son. My son is alive and well and in the presence of the King. My precious baby boy’s short life was and still IS not in vain!  And my God is so faithful and loves me SO much that He gives me the grace to sense and feel how my son is still a part of my life. I feel my son with me as I march each year here in Washington. And God has made sure that, as I walk through the 43rd year since my abortion, I know that my son loves me and is with me! 

The enemy would have us captured by what we did. But God says something different!  We only had the power to end the physical lives of our babies, nothing else. And while that choice is one that we will regret, the essence of our precious little ones is still very much alive.

And so, for my precious son - and ALL of our children who are in the arms of our Lord and Savior, I will be silent no more! 


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