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I was in front of a Planned Parenthood last Saturday with my I Regret My Abortion sign... a couple changed their mind!

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Cecilia's 2022 Walk for Life Testimony-Loss of a Grandchild
California, United States

Hello everyone, This is very heartfelt for me.  Although this happened 20 years ago. As you know, when we do these public speaking, it opens up the wounds, but I'm here to give you a different side of it. From my view, when my daughter came into my home and told me she had the abortion in the summer of 2001, I was at home and my daughter Irene walked in through the front door. By her tone of her voice. I immediately felt something was wrong. She told me that she had an abortion. I thought to myself, her belly showed she was still six months pregnant. How could this be? 

Then she re-explained and in her tearful shaking voice that they injected a chemical into her stomach using a large needle, which caused my granddaughter to kick and twist inside her. She told me she was scheduled to go back the next day so that they could finish the process. I now know that meant to rip my granddaughter out piece by piece and throw her precious body in the trash. I never seen my daughter so distraught. She immediately regretted going to the clinic and was desperate to save my granddaughter. I felt a gut rushing pain in my heart and asked God to please guide us in what to do. I immediately drove her to the hospital.  At the hospital they performed an ultrasound and I saw my granddaughter alive and moving around. I was happy. My heart overwhelmed with love, but that was soon robbed from me

When the medical team said they couldn't do anything to say my grandchild's life. At first, I was confused because I had seen her heart beating on the screen. They explained that the chemical injected would soon stop my granddaughter's heart. And the doctors strongly encouraged Irene to go back to the clinic to finish the abortion. If she didn't go back, then she would have to endure hours of labor and deliver a dead baby. My daughter refused to go back to the abortion clinic. So the next day we returned to the same hospital. This time, I didn't see my granddaughter's heart beating. The medical staff confirmed my grandchild had died. Irene's labor began and my daughter was in so much pain throughout the hour, she would whimper, I love you. Forgive me. I'm sorry. She said the pain was well deserved on her part and accepted it. My heart bled for her. There was nothing I could do to help her, but to stand by her side.  As a medical staff prepared Irene for the delivery, her face suddenly appeared peaceful. I thought to myself, is she not in pain anymore? I asked Irene if something had happened, Irene said, Lenore talked to her and said, 

Mom, I forgive you and love you. That is when her heart became peaceful. And she felt God's love.  My daughter delivered a beautiful baby girl, who she named Lenore Bridget. She looked like a normal baby, just small. Her hair was black. Her arms, legs and feet were tiny. Family members were in the room and each of us held her in our arms. After a couple hours, it was time to give Lenore our last hugs and kisses. Then Irene spent personal time with her telling Lenore goodbye. A death certificate was issued and Lenore's body was sent to a mortuary. 

When Irene was released from the hospital, I drove her home and we did not say one word. We planned Lenore's funeral. Irene did not want anyone to know the truth about Lenore's death. So I respected that. I justified not being truthful because it was already unbearable to know the reason my granddaughter died and telling anyone would be like pouring salt on my daughter's wound. Many family and friends attended my granddaughter's funeral. 

Words cannot express the pain in my heart when I think about how distraught and desperate my daughter was to do something like this, her abortion did not help her at all. It not only caused her unbearable pain, but our entire family.  Today, my daughter has gained the courage to speak the truth about her late -term abortion. And I am proud to stand by her side because women deserve better. That is why I am silent. No more. 


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