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Recommended Reading for Someone Looking for More Information on the Effects of Abortion


By Elisabeth Grace Daniel
2006, Xulon Press
ISBN 978-1-60266-482-1
If you have wondered what a pregnancy center is all about, this book will help you better understand the complexities involved in a crisis situation through the fictional stories of three different couples and how they are ministered to by their local Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center and how God can move and protect and restore human life.

Forgiven Much
by Leslie T. Dean
ISBN 1 60034 749 5
This novel brings to life the Mary Magdalene you have never met. Dean imagines Mary’s life as one of desperate hopelessness woven with stories of the bible and shows us how to live a life of biblical purity regardless of our past.

Heart of Stone
by Mia Vanduran
ISBN 1 59781 146 7
In this novel, we meet Samantha, a recovering alcoholic dealing with the reality of post-abortive stress. She is sorry for the choice she made and knows that while God forgives her, Aaron Eagle, a Lakota and her ex-fiancé might not. Years earlier, Samantha aborted Aaron's baby without telling him she was pregnant. Now, years later we learn that they still have feelings for each other and find that there is healing in forgiveness.
If You Were Mine
by Cynthia Scott Hutchinson
ISBN 1 4259 3777 2
As you read this fictional story, you will come to care for Jenny as she deals with a very real and very painful consequence of having an abortion as a college student. It is a love story turned tragic that delivers hope for Jenny and for the millions of others who have lived through their own heartache and despair.

Over Coffee We Shared Our Secrets, A Novel
In this novel, post-abortive women share their lives, their testimonies and how they found healing. One character even mentions SNMA!
By Julie Surface Johnson
WinePress Publishing, 2008, ISBN 1-57921-973-4
The Intrusion
By Kris Detrow
ISBN# is 978-1-936076-30-7
When dark secrets from the past collide with the present, Jake and Arin Welsh’s lives are thrown into a tailspin. Suddenly, their only son’s life hangs in the balance. Will they reconcile their pasts in time to save their family? Arin Welsh grew up in the foster care system. She and her husband Jake spent years entangled in a cult before breaking free. When they decided to start a family, they were thwarted by infertility. Finally, Arin has found stability. Through in vitro fertilization, she gave birth to Troy. Her warm marriage, professional fulfillment as a sign language interpreter, and the affection and support of an unlikely friend provide the backdrop for a tranquil life.
Then one chilling day, four-year-old Troy is maliciously altered by forces that Arin and Jake are unable to comprehend. Can Arin contend with the mayhem surrounding her? Or will she dare to consider a source of protection and redemption greater than herself?

Note from Georgette: This book was hard to put down – it is great story telling while at the same time clearly educating the reader about the real pain of abortion and the love of God!

Purchase the book through the author’s website, If you include a note that you are silent no more, Kris will make a donation to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign!

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