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To Always Be Pro-Life
New Zealand, New Zealand

As a devoute, pro-life Catholic I've never had an abortion and never supported it in any form or for any reason.  However, as a student nurse, I have to say I've met many women (in the clinical setting) who have had abortions and have had their lives destoryed by it.
I will never work in the abortion services of my country (New Zealand), but doing a clinical placement in maternity I met women who abortion has harmed, and not just mentally or spiritually. A woman who had two abortions, now had a child born at 37 weeks who weighed 800gms. The doctors agreed (but didn't tell the woman for fear of increasing her guilt) that the abortions were to blame - the scar tissue having caused the wanted baby to not get enough nutrients.
On a mental health placement, I met a woman who was had attempted to kill herself because of a recent abortion, the pain in her eyes was evident and she said at the time she wanted the abortion so badly she'd do it herself if no doctor would - but now she regretted it deeply.
Sadly, one woman I met, with a history of abortions, developed cancer.  The cancer grew on uterine scaring caused by the abortion and ended up taking this lady's life.  Her abortions had been when she was between 18-21, and at 32 was now dying because of them. At first the doctors didnt' know where the primary tumour was, and when they found it was a result of the abortions they didn't tell the woman because she was feeling guilty about her abortions and saw her cancer as karma for "killing her babies".  (She wasn't Christain, but adhered to a kind of earth-worship spirituality). 
Essentially, every woman I've met in the clinical setting who've aborted pregnanices have either suffered physically or emotionally, sometimes both, in fact, most times both.  It saddens me that no one is taking this as seriously as it should be, and I hope that people wake up to the reality of the damage this murderous procedure causes.
Even my lecturers who have found themselves helping in abortions carry guilt and regret, and express in class their sadness and shame at not being able to stand up at the time and not participate.  My doctor himself still grieves for an abortion he did as a new grad - I pointed him to the Centurians at Christ's death.

I agree strongly with what you [Silent No More Awareness Campaign] are doing and wish you the best of luck and God's blessings. 
As a student nurse, I can't do a great deal at the moment. I do inform my fellow students of abortion's real dangers that the pro-abortion industry is hiding. And I point people to your website and others of a similar nature.  And if patient's ask for info I give it.
I will graduate as a nurse in July 2008 and will then aim towards a career in midwifery to ensure I can help women and their unborn children.


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