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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


Do You Regret Your Abortion or Your Lost Fatherhood? By filling in the form below you can add your expression of regret to our list. All information remains confidential and is presented anonymously

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UK Woman is Silent No More [Photo] Protest Planned Parenthood Rally - February 2017 [Photo]
Hawaii March for Life 2017 [Photo] 40 Days for Life United Tour - Honolulu, HI [Photo]
40 Days for Life Kickoff Fall 2016 - Northern NY [Photo] Protest Planned Parenthood - Plattsburgh NY April 2016 [Photo]
40 Days for Life - Goshen, NY 2016 [Photo] 40 Days for Life Plattsburgh NY [Photo]
October Protest Planned Parenthood event - Plattsburgh, NY [Photo] Life Chain 2015 - Northern NY [Photo]
National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children - Willlsboro, NY September 2015 [Photo] Protest Planned Parenthood - Plattsburgh NY [Photo]
Protest Planned Parenthood - Bellingham, WA [Photo] Women's Betrayed Rally 2016 - Newburgh, NY [Photo]
40 Days for Life Plattsburgh NY [Photo] Tiiger Moutain League for Life [Photo]
2014 FAU Event [Photo] 2014 Ballet for Life [Photo]
St. Augustine March for Life 2014 [Photo] Pat Pulliam Speaks at Hot Sulphur Springs Community Church - Sanctity of Life Sunday [Photo]
2013 Florida Life Chain [Photo] Joan Canning Joined 2013 March for Life [Photo]
Kentucky Reps at 2013 March for Life [Photo] 2013 Gathering at Phoenix Park, Kentucky [Photo]
2013 Defiance Ohio March for Life [Photo] 2013 Florida March for Life [Photo]
Rev. Hoye at West Chester, PA Planned Parenthood [Photo] Civil Rights March for Life September 2012
SNMA at Planned Parenthood Florida 2012 [Photo] 2012 Texas Rally for Life in Austin Texas. [Photo]
Jesus Youth Group 2012 [Photo] 2012 West Palm Beach March for Life [Photo]
2012 SNMA Gathering at West Palm Beach Court House [Photo] 2012 Uriah United Methodist Church [Photo]
2012 SNMA at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Florida [Photo] 2011 Breast Cancer/Abortion Educational Luncheon Presentation [Photo]
Easton March and Rally for Life October 2011 [Photo] 2011 Willsboro Life Chain [Photo]
2011 Goshen Gathering [Photo] 2011 March for Life, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [Photo]
Elizabeth Kane's January 2011 SNMA Events [Photo] 2011 First Annual Solemn Rememberance of Roe v Wade, Indianapolis, Indiana [Photo]
Fort Pierce Walk for Life 2011 [Photo] SNMA Campaign at the Texas Rally for Life 2011 [Photo]
2011 Palm Beach Treasure Coast Florida March for Life [Photo] 2011 Silent No More in Iowa with Roxie Richard [Photo]
2011 SNMA at the Texas Rally for Life [Photo] Leslie Brunolli at 2011 Walk for Life, San Francisco, California
2011 Leslie Brunolli Catholic Answers Live Radio Interview [Photo] 2011 Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapter Breakfast, San Diego, California
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