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We Lied to Them
Massachusetts, United States

My name is Catherine Adair, and I was an in-your-face, pro-choice, abortion-must-be-legal feminist. I marched on Washington for pro-choice, and I went to work at Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion clinic in New England, where I took part in thousands of abortions. I told women that their baby was a clump of tissue. I never asked them if they wanted any other choice, if they wanted to be a parent, if they wanted to put their baby up for adoption. We took their money. We lied to them. We put them on a table and gave them an abortion without ever telling them the truth about the procedure. We never told them about the pain. We never told them that the baby was ripped apart and we went through all those pieces of baby after the abortion. We used to call them POCs, product of conception. We called them pieces of children, and we made jokes about it.

That's the care that women get in abortion clinics. They're lied to. They are used for money, and their children are made fun of, and they're ripped apart into pieces, arms and legs and pieces of rib cage that abortion clinic workers go through every day. They are not blobs of cells, they are human beings, and their mothers are suffering.

We did second trimester abortions in my clinic, and those babies are ripped out of their mothers' wombs piece by piece. I worked in a place where I was waking up every night having nightmares and screaming with images of pieces of babies floating in the air. My depression and anxiety was horrific, and all because that "abortion is good for women" is a lie. Women are suffering all over this country because we who worked in the abortion clinics and who work in the abortion clinics now are lying to them.

I left that place because I knew that what I was doing was wrong, and after a long time, I realized that those pieces of children and those blobs of tissue were babies. I am here today because I will be silent no more.


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