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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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The act of sharing my testimony along with all the other wonderful, brave souls was such a powerful experience for both myself and my husband.

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Pray for our Children
Rhode Island, United States

My name is Rosa Rivas, I want to thank God for his love and mercy because without him I would not have a testimony.

Until two years ago I was living in darkness and in sin. At age 17, I started using drugs, alcohol and was promiscuous; everything revolved around my addiction. I did not care about anything or anyone.

I currently have two living children, both with special needs. Even though God sent me these two children that needed all my love and attention, I kept living in my world of darkness and sin and without measuring the consequences at age 25, I had two abortions. Since I did not want to sacrifice my addictions I preferred to sacrifice my babies.

I remember going to the clinic; the people outside with signs, praying for me, telling me not to do it but I did not care, I just walked in and said to myself "it’s my body and my choice", but inside I was scared. I remember going in and signing papers and paying 250.00 since Medical Assistance paid the rest.

As I walked in the room, I felt nervous and asked the nurse and the doctor about the procedure and they just said, "Don’t worry, it will be over in no time." Tears ran down my face. The nurse held my hand and kept asking, "Are you okay?" I just responded yes, even though I was really scared and the procedure hurt and just listening to the vacuum they used was petrifying. I walked out and after that I built a wall and kept living my life as if nothing had happened.

Because of my family’s prayers, I started going to church; and praying at the abortion clinics to offer the women help. I encountered God through an extraordinary retreat called Rachel’s Vineyard, a retreat that helps you heal and reconcile with God and your aborted children. At this retreat I experienced all the love, mercy and forgiveness he had for me and at that point I realized the horrible thing I had done.

I felt dirty and guilty, and I felt a hole in my heart.  I felt regret and hated myself, and I felt I did not deserve God’s forgiveness or mercy. Rachel’s Vineyard has been the beginning of my healing after my abortions, it has helped me realize that God has a plan for everyone. Let us join as one voice to pray for our children that are being killed. They have a right to live, that is why "I am silent no more"..... and I demand a recall of abortion!


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