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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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No Longer a Secret
Virginia, United States

My story begins with a history of injury from my encounters at Planned Parenthood clinics that include a blood clot in my leg from being prescribed high dose birth control pills and a torn cervix from a failed attempt to insert an IUD. Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent me from returning to Planned Parenthood in 1984.  

33 years ago I made a decision I deeply regret.  I was estranged from my first husband, raising two young daughters as a teacher.   I wanted to protect the ones I loved from an unplanned pregnancy.  The father of the baby told me, “It’s your choice what to do, but I will pay for the abortion.”  Everyone I turned to told me I had to get an abortion, and I did.

Instead of the promised quick and easy fix to my situation, my abortion sent shockwaves of pain in every direction.  The actual experience was brutal.  I felt as though my insides were being torn apart, and I can still hear the terrible sound of the vacuum machine.  The doctor poured the remains of what was my child, Robert Joseph, in the jar on a tray in front of me and yelled at me because he couldn’t find all of the body parts.  I wanted to die and tried to bury the experience so it wouldn’t affect me or anyone else.  But no matter how I tried I couldn’t.  

I had been coerced by the PP worker to sign a release form allowing the “product of conception” to be used for scientific research.  Imagine how I felt when the PP videos came out in 2015 showing what becomes of the remains of aborted children.  When I saw them I wanted to die all over again.  Do you know how devastating it is to know that my child’s remains were likely sold for profit? But I applaud the work of the Center for Medical Progress for exposing the TRUTH.  

After my abortion I felt a period of relief then I quickly fell into a deep depression.  I became self-loathing, detached from those I loved.  My relationships with family and friends suffered as I distanced myself. Who could love me after what I had done?  At my lowest point, when I no longer wanted to live, I discovered that God still loved me.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, led me to Him and to healing.  I sought forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I began praying at abortion clinics and counseling women.  I went through healing programs including a Rachael’s Vineyard weekend.  

But my abortion was not a quick, easy fix, and I still suffer from the decision I made so many years ago. Planned Parenthood wants women to keep the pain of abortion a secret.  Please help us be Silent No More by our sharing our stories with others!


Help us spread the word. Share this with your social network.



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