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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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By giving me a venue to share my story and speak out against abortion, but also for guiding me to a post-abortion Bible Study, which allowed Jesus to heal me on a deeper level and help me find the freedom to grieve for my child and give her the acknowledgment and dignity her life deserves.




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Vigil for Jacob
New Mexico, United States

My name is Ken. I was 23 years old, and my girlfriend/fiancé at the time was 16 weeks pregnant with our child.  His name is Jacob. 

One day in 2006 she woke up and wanted to abort our son.  I did everything that I could to be a voice for our son, to keep him alive. But his mother continued to want an abortion. There was no need to have an abortion, my girlfriend just wanted out of the pregnancy with our son.

A friend of hers drove her to Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque.  The abortion of my son was completed against my will. I was hurting, feeling like I didn't do enough to save my child from going through the agonizing death of abortion. Our relationship ended that day.

I was angry with God.  I could not understand why He would let this happen.  I started drinking heavily, to the point where I was driving home drunk, not carrying who would get hurt by my carelessness. I tried to commit suicide because I couldn't come to terms that my son was gone.

A year and a half later the friend who drove her to Planned Parenthood unknowingly walked into my place of employment and said, “I am sorry for my part in driving her to her abortion appointment.”  I began to heal but in silence.

I meet my wife Christina in 2009, and we married in 2010.  We have two sons, Aeric and Alex.  I was overjoyed that God was blessing me with more children, but I was missing Jacob a lot more because I felt that he should have been here with his younger brothers. My wife has said multiple times she has adopted Jacob as her own child.

In 2016, after years of pain, I went through a healing program at Surrendered Hearts. My family and I had a wonderful birthday candlelight vigil for Jacob’s 10th birthday in November, which gave me healing as well. It is because of my wife and sons that I am Silent No More.


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